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Our History

It was fate that brought Drew, Will, Jim and Matt together. Jim was in construction as early as 1954 working with his father for his grandfather's construction company. After graduating from College, he ended up in the world of Financial Services but never lost his love for construction. Drew was always in construction. He worked for several years as the main trouble shooter for a home building company in Utah building up to 600 plus homes per year. After his children were in school, he decided he wanted to raise them in a smaller community so he moved to Montana. While Jim was working in British Columbia, he became friends with the owners of Pioneer Log Homes of BC who helped him design the "Post and Beam" log home that Drew built on their small ranch in Montana where they are now living. Will Matt and Drew met and became friends through their association as "Volunteer Firefighters". One day, while sitting on the deck at the ranch, Will said, "This place is amazing, let's start our own contracting company. From that day, a friendship and partnership was born. They quickly identified the philosophies that would define their new firm, INNOVATIVE CONTRACTING.
  • Always do right by the client, no shortcuts and always use the right materials
  • Never forget why you're in construction in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark


Jim Fors

Design, Construction and Construction Management
Work: 406.883.0324 Cell: 406.250.0480
Email: jim@iccontracting.com

Drew Hoel

Construction and Construction Management
Work: 406.883.0324 Cell: 406.871.1414
Email: drew@iccontracting.com

Will Woodger

Construction and Construction Management
Work: 406.883.0324 Cell: 406.270.3671
Email: will@iccontracting.com

Matt Dougherty

Logistics and Construction Management
Work: 406.883.0324 Cell: 818.378.2757
Email: matt@iccontracting.com