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Log Home Construction

The only Log Homes we build are from "Pioneer Log Homes".

At Pioneer, the high quality, handmade log homes are renowned for having large character logs and unmatched joinery. Additionally, they have an impressive log inventory to ensure they will always be able to provide the type of log needed to fit the specifications of your custom log home or log cabin.
With more than 40 years of experience, Pioneer Log Homes is able to provide the proficiency needed to build dream homes for our customers. They can even create cedar logs with beautiful woodcarvings symbolizing the beauty of Mother Nature.
There is something special about the way they design and meticulously handcraft every detail in your log home. Their builders and designers take great pride in a job well done, overseeing every detail from the log home design stage, to the post and beam construction. The custom log homes they craft stand the test of time. Your handcrafted log home or log cabin will be enjoyed for many generations and centuries to come.

New Residential Construction

Use our Designs, use our Design services or use your own Design.

It may be redundant but worth saying again. Following are the steps we take to build a new home for our clients. Here's how we do it:
  • Start with as many interviews as necessary to get a true picture of what the Client's vision of their dream home looks like.
  • Create Architectural drawings and building plans.
  • Review the drawings and plans with the Client and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Use the drawings and plans to arrive at the top project goals objectives.
  • Create a project plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies.




Buy new or renovate?

Maybe the house you have can be the house you want!

The steps for renovating an existing structure are pretty much the same as the steps in building a new one.
With our Design Services, we are able to render a model in 3D so that you are able to visualize more accurately what the end result will be.
3D Design; An important aid to a satisfactory result.

Design Services

Just start with an Idea or a Dream.

From imagination to a napkin, then sketches on paper to plans drawn and 3D renderings. Then follows the reviews and changes. There are always changes.
Our Design Services allow you to see the plans and changes in 3D, almost like walking through the finished structure.
With our Design Services, all the changes are made on paper rather than trying to make changes after the construction begins
Our Design Services can be used whether you use us to build you home or not.
Our experience has shown us that moving from the dream to the reality is aided greatly with the use of our Design Services and the Dream and the reality end up a lot closer.

Commercial Construction

Commercial can be straight forword...

...but does require forsight, planning, adaptability and attention to detail to end up with satisfactory results.
We are confident the we bring these attributes to the job.


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