Our specialties include: Log home Construction (with Pioneer Log Homes of BC), new Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Renovations, Excavation and Custom Designing.

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We live in a beautiful place

We love where we live but we know that others love where they live as well so, we build where we live but we also help people build there dream homes, take care of their Home Renovation, Home Remodeling and all Construction Management any where in our great country but mostly in the western United States.
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Our Designs are truly Client Driven

While approval of our clients with their dream home is the ultimate source of professional happiness, we'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy the type of professional validation that comes from being recognized for excellence in our commercial projects as well. We're fortunate to live in a place that inspires us to continually strive to be the best in all of our endeavors...

Log Home Design and Construction

Beautiful Log Homes

Beautiful and Unique

Beautiful Log Homes

Residential Design and Construction

Design Services

Every space is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing.

Commercial projects are pretty straight forward. But, when it comes to building someone's dream home, well... We might produce a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a client. It's a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that we take seriously. Here's how we do it:
  • Start with as many interviews as necessary to get a true picture of what the Client's vision of their dream home looks like.
  • Create Architectural drawings and building plans.
  • Review the drawings and plans with the Client and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Use the drawings and plans to arrive at the top project goals objectives.
  • Create a project plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies.
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